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  • In more recent times, it has mainly been a game played by expatriates.
  • The expatriate and his/her family should feel understood by his or her company.
  • Most of the players are expatriates and come from all around the world.
  • I see some people really alone in these countries, really expatriated. Cited from Life of John Coleridge Patteson, by C. Yonge
  • He wrote poems that he later published, and became close to his fellow expatriates.
  • Over one-half of the staff are expatriate teachers, many with previous international experience.
  • It was created to provide information to expatriates about the local community.
  • The area continues to be popular with expatriate families, particularly those with children.
  • Expatriate players make up a significant part of the national team.
  • It is most popular in those nations, as well as among expatriates from these nations.
  • The teaching faculty remained more than half expatriate overall; at senior levels still more so.
  • There are many expatriate communities throughout the world, and many have their own groups or clubs.
  • It is also interesting to note that the national team is made up largely of expatriate players.
  • It ran for twenty-one weeks and proved to be very popular with expatriates living in France.
  • She was an American expatriate who died in Paris where she had lived most of her life.
  • The movement had become well known for its activities in the Indian expatriates in London.
  • The truth is, that we brought with us the rights of men; of expatriated men. Cited from The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. 4 (of 4), ed. by T.J. Randolph
  • There was always a majority of Japanese members, usually five Japanese with three expatriates.
  • Members were drawn mainly from Chinese expatriates, especially the lower social classes.
  • Because of its large expatriate community, Singapore is host to many international schools.
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Meaning of expatriate

  • verb Expel from a country
    The poet was exiled because he signed a letter protesting the government's actions
  • verb Move away from one's native country and adopt a new residence abroad