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  • Info In mathematics, the notion of expansivity formalizes the notion of points moving away from one another under the action of an iterated function. more...
  • He proposed government services far more expansive than anything in his state's history.
  • There is a more expansive range of services available, but these are the most commonly used.
  • The school is best known for its beautiful location, a strong sense of community, and an expansive arts program.
  • The album featured a more expansive, full band sound than the previous eponymous album.
  • This also allowed expansive traditions to win popular support in foreign lands.
  • The fourth movement is by far the most involved, and expansive.
  • Several species with an expansive geographical range are mentioned more than once.
  • The producer instead aimed to create a more expansive sound on the group's records.
  • The longer the hair got, the more expansive the mind was.
  • The novel contains an expansive cast of minor characters while maintaining a rather small circle of central players.
  • She typically made expansive use of white, whether used as a pure white or mixed with other colors.
  • There he learnt a more expansive form of agriculture than he knew at home.
  • Both held expansive literary collections, which they used to compete amongst each other.
  • There are a variety of weapon types, each with their own expansive sets.
  • In fact, the power is far more expansive than this.
  • Upon the screen he discovered an area large enough for his expansive whims to have free play.
  • Basser has expansive common and study areas as well as a roof top garden.
  • Its service delivery system is expansive enough to effectively reach thousands of low-income people.
  • But rather than firing him, the club limited his expansive duties.
  • The upper level boarding is more expansive than the lower level boarding area.
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Meaning of expansive

  • adjective Able or tending to expand or characterized by expansion
    Expansive materials, the expansive force of fire