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  • It takes care of everything that is in existence and in our experience.
  • The only way that that fact can change is if the object remains in existence.
  • Each individual having a distinct purpose in the grand existence of human kind.
  • If this is so, there would exist nothing that could bring anything into existence.
  • The fear of the end and its existence is in other words the fear of death.
  • For the last three years of its existence, the magazine was published only once a year.
  • Their hand-to-mouth existence meant there were days without food.
  • Most of them are living from hand to mouth existence.
  • The winter dragged slowly along while we led a hand-to-mouth existence. Cited from The Romance and Tragedy, William Ingraham Russell
  • The goal was to bring a wholly free software operating system into existence.
  • Though its existence was accepted as scientific fact at the time, it was not to be found.
  • If ever an institution passed its first year in a hand-to-mouth existence, this one has. Cited from Lighted to Lighten: The Hope of India, by Alice B. Van Doren
  • As a result, the court never came into existence.
  • Details of their existence, design, and use were kept secret well into the 1970s.
  • He lived a hand-to-mouth existence, never knowing where he would spend the next night.
  • The following is a sample of some records set during the existence of the league.
  • Existence and thought are not identical and one cannot possibly think existence.
  • This confirmed the existence of such massive stars using a different method.
  • The necessary is the source of its own being without borrowed existence.
  • She states that she would rather die than live a mediocre existence.
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