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  • He spent much of his life exiled from Italy and in total spent more than ten years in prison.
  • His father was exiled for political reasons, his mother died, and his grandmother raised him.
  • Following his loss of power, he was again exiled, this time to Moscow.
  • His inability to pay led to his being exiled to the island for a short time.
  • Her sentence was not long, but she was exiled out of town.
  • He was aware of many people being killed and exiled.
  • Their remaining army were eventually exiled into northern India.
  • In time he killed or exiled the city's leaders, and handed control of the city over to his father.
  • The men who had exiled him soon began to see in him a model for the Brazilian republic.
  • Most of their leaders were arrested or exiled during the 1990s.
  • In any case, his efforts were of no avail to the exiled Roman king.
  • The exiled community had hoped to return after the situation improved.
  • However he was released early and exiled to the United States of America (see below).
  • The two eventually were exiled from Brazil, and went to London, where they lived for two years.
  • He then proceeded to put the project of restoring the exiled family into a practical shape.
  • There was further violence when he returned, which continued after Ursinus was exiled again.
  • On numerous occasions he was even exiled from the capital for his firm commitment to principle.
  • By the end of the 19th century, there was one exiled man for every two locals.
  • When his true identity was later discovered, officials exiled the women from Thebes.
  • Two of his former teachers were exiled and a third teacher was hanged.
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Root form of exiled is exile for the verb.

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