exile until

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  • You will be in exile until we either find what we want or fail entirely. Cited from The Time Traders, by Andre Norton
  • The three were then told that they would live together in exile until one of them left the competition.
  • The scientist lost face and went into self-exile until he can prove himself.
  • He lived in exile until the release of his brother.
  • He declared he would leave Rome and live in self-imposed exile until his death.
  • He lived there in exile until his death.
  • Burke remained an exile until his death nearly four decades later.
  • She remained in exile until 1657 when she was welcomed to the court once again.
  • Soon after, he and his wife divorced and he remained in exile until his death in 1986.
  • He led the party in Egypt until March 1912 and then in exile until his death.
  • Some of the leaders were forced into exile until after 1870. Cited from The History Of Education, By Ellwood P. Cubberley
  • He would remain in exile until his death in 2014.
  • Eventually, he settled on Pakistan, where he lived in exile until August 4.
  • After the Iranian Revolution he moved to Vancouver and lived in exile until his death.
  • These children claim they lived with their identity in an inner exile until the 1980s, when some of them officially acknowledged their status.
  • He led PPS in exile until his death in London.
  • She lived there in exile until her death in 1904.
  • His estate was confiscated, and he was forced to sail with his wife to England, remaining in exile until his death.
  • Saavedra stayed in exile until 1815, when all the charges against him were dropped.
  • Artigas withdrew to Paraguay, where he settled as an exile until his death.
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