exile from my

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  • She has seen her mother's fate; she has seen her sister an exile from my house. Cited from Lucretia, by E. B. Lytton, Vol. 1
  • For your sake I am an exile from my country. Cited from Critical and Historical Essays, by Macaulay V2
  • A voluntary exile from my country, I have no quarrel with France, nor she with me. Cited from Princess Maritza, by Percy Brebner
  • It made an outcast of me, an exile from my nursery days. Cited from The Fool Errant, by Maurice Hewlett
  • I began to view my unhappy London life -- a life of literary toils odious to my heart -- as a permanent state of exile from my Westmoreland home. Cited from The Opium Habit, by Horace B. Day
  • A wanderer o'er the desert sand, And outcast on the sea, An exile from my native land-- What's all the world to me? Cited from Poems, by George P. Morris
  • It was also my fate to be an exile from my country for twenty years after my command at Amphipolis; and being present with both parties, and more especially with the Peloponnesians by reason of my exile, I had leisure to observe affairs somewhat particularly. Cited from History of the Peloponnesian War, by Thucydides