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  • Their loss forced him to become an exile from his adopted country.
  • In fact he remained in exile from his country for over eleven years. Cited from The World's Great Men of Music, by Harriette Brower
  • His exile from the world had therefore lasted four years and three months. Cited from Solitary of Juan Fernandez, or The Real Robinson Crusoe, by Saintine
  • Some have achieved their goals, some are in exile from their home country.
  • He spent that time largely in exile from his see, which he perhaps never visited.
  • Don takes a business trip to California during his exile from home.
  • An exile from two countries, two prices upon his head, he played daily with death. Cited from Wolf Breed, by Jackson Gregory
  • You cannot become an exile from your own place. Cited from Elster's Folly, by Mrs. Henry Wood
  • She has seen her mother's fate; she has seen her sister an exile from my house. Cited from Lucretia, by E. B. Lytton, Vol. 1
  • How could she care what she wore, or did, or used, if she was exiled from him! Cited from Kitty Trenire, by Mabel Quiller-Couch
  • They had been exiled from Spain and sought a new land to live in.
  • Why else has he been exiled from Rome by thy father? Cited from Virgilia, by Felicia Buttz Clark
  • He was an exile from the only places he knew, and to him a land unknown was terrible. Cited from Rousseau, Volumes 1 and 2, by John Morley
  • He spent much of his life exiled from Italy and in total spent more than ten years in prison.
  • So he escaped with a sentence of exile from the city for five years. Cited from In Fire Of The Forge, by Georg Ebers, v7
  • In the game, players play as a character who has been exiled from Wall Rose.
  • There were also teams from Germany and Italy made up of political exiles from those countries.
  • She had been exiled from the great world, but here she ruled absolute. Cited from Tales of a Traveller, by Washington Irving
  • Her exile from Germany sent her to London for some time, where she worked both in theatre and film.
  • I am exiled from my own country by law, and thus prevented from following a career on the sea. Cited from Wolves of the Sea, by Randall Parrish
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