exile during

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  • The island also served as a place of exile during the early Roman Empire.
  • Canada was, however, home to a number of Europe's leaders in exile during the war.
  • The island was used to house political prisoners in internal exile during the 1930s.
  • Many of the union's leaders were jailed or forced into exile during these years.
  • It was originally awarded to authors in exile during the Soviet era.
  • He was also a member of the Polish government in exile during World War II.
  • He came to Britain as an exile during the 1970s.
  • It served as a hospital for the Polish army in exile during World War II.
  • Most of their leaders were arrested or exiled during the 1990s.
  • He joined the communist movement at a young age, and went into exile during Hitler's rule.
  • They also granted a general amnesty for those arrested or exiled during the crisis.
  • I saw a great many exiles during my journey through Siberia. Cited from Overland through Asia (Illustrated), by Thomas Wallace Knox
  • He came out of exile during the events of the FedCom Civil War.
  • Some of them had also been in exile during the government of Rosas, while others had political activity in that period.
  • It was the home of the Luxembourg government-in-exile during the Second World War.
  • His sentence also included confiscation of all his property, and exile during His Majesty's pleasure.
  • He was a member of the Communist Party and was in exile during the Nazi era.
  • The town was often used as a place of exile during the Tsarist and Soviet periods.
  • He was forced into exile during the Spanish Civil War, along with other artists, writers, and intellectuals.
  • He was exiled during the martial law period.
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