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  • His remains have never been exhumed, not even when his wife died.
  • The following day he exhumed the body of his wife and cut it into three pieces.
  • We might exhume the body: what would that prove after three months? Cited from Blind Love, by Wilkie Collins
  • When at a later date his remains were exhumed, his body was found still preserved.
  • The only pictures are those that were taken immediately after the body was exhumed.
  • Afterwards he found others, and persons in the neighborhood have exhumed many more. Cited from Archeological Investigations, by Gerard Fowke
  • Two years later when they exhumed his body again, it still remained incorrupt.
  • From there they began writing for what would become the album Exhumed of the Earth.
  • Her body is incorrupt, and since her death, her body has been exhumed eight times.
  • The court ordered the rest of her family exhumed and each was found to have been murdered.
  • Now he wanted help to return and exhume them. Cited from Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents, by H. G. (Herbert George) Wells
  • Some of his bones were exhumed when a water pipe was laid across his grave years after his death.
  • The oldest person to be exhumed was seventy years old at his death.
  • This new information causes his coffin to be exhumed and no body is found.
  • The other people in the village would exhume the corpse to see what it had been doing.
  • However, shortly before the hearing and a year after the incident itself, the bodies were exhumed.
  • Three years later his body was exhumed and gibbeted by order of the states.
  • In a third action, his remains were exhumed and his family arranged for his removal when they left the state.
  • Two more bodies are found exhumed, with their hair cut and fingernails removed.
  • Later, his body was exhumed, along with his wife's.
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