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  • They did eventually, convulsively and exhaustingly, till she dropped into a death-like sleep far into the next morning. Cited from Bluebell, by Mrs. George Croft Huddleston
  • The filmmakers worked exhaustingly to organize this unofficial meeting between two powerful people who have more in common than might be expected.
  • It was hot, to be sure, but not exhaustingly so. Cited from The Land of Footprints, by Stewart Edward White #4
  • Because much of the gold fields were exhaustingly gone over until the beginning of the 20th century, many of the Chinese remained far longer than the European miners.
  • They labor industriously, but not exhaustingly, all the day; and in such ways as to make their toil comfortable and pleasant. Cited from Communistic Societies/United States, By Nordhoff
  • For two years this relationship involved letters "not only weekly, but at times daily, and of an intimate character, exhaustingly charged with emotion".
  • For two years this relationship involved letters "not only weekly, but at times daily, and of an intimate character, exhaustingly charged with emotion."
  • No food that morning except dry crackers and cold beef; all hands laboring exhaustingly to repair damages and make things taut. Cited from Overland, by John William De Forest
  • Sanitary conditions were poor and an exhaustingly long work week in poorly ventilated facilities resulted in a higher than average rate of tuberculosis as well as other diseases.
  • Wistfully he feared he must be going downhill, wasn't altogether the man he used to be, since he found the business of pleasure so exhaustingly strenuous. Cited from Deadham Hard, by Lucas Malet
  • However, following antisemitic riots directed against him, exhaustingly reported in the media, he moved to Mannheim in 1959.
  • Mihnea, like his father, was an exhaustingly driven crusader for Christianity.
  • After expanding new uses of resources they end with exhausting the efficiency of those processes, producing gains that are first easier and larger over time then exhaustingly more difficult, as the technology matures.
  • It was not until a spell of exhaustingly hot weather set in in early July that Hal saw a still more noticeable frailty in Lorraine. Cited from Winding Paths, by Gertrude Page
  • Since then, for five years, she menstruated during March and September only, each time for three weeks, the flow being profuse, but not exhaustingly so, without pain or systemic disturbance. Cited from Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 1 (of 6), by Havelock Ellis
  • Caitlin Welsh of The Brag called the album "exhaustingly dull" and "trying too hard to fit into every possible current genre".
  • Dressed in a loose full-body red sack with numerous stuffed blue gloves attached, and his face painted blue, he dances continuously and in an exhaustingly frenetic manner, often moving around the audience.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald also gave it four stars out of five and stated that "While the battles can get exhaustingly repetitive, most players will have monstrous fun."
  • It's an interesting conceit, but it doesn't really work as a hook for an entire album, and the record's exhaustingly long running time pushes the conceit far past the breaking point.
  • Three girls -- Anna about sixteen, Flora fourteen, Hilda twelve -- and three grown women, all exhaustingly occupied in pushing out of the house one heavy and obstinate male aged about ten! Cited from This Freedom, by A. S. M. Hutchinson
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