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  • In those years sports such as running were considered far too exhausting for women.
  • He stopped only because his horse was exhausting and he needed another to continue the fight.
  • A second attempt failed, too, because of the exhausting tour that ended just before.
  • We needed it after the exhausting work of the past eight days. Cited from A Yankee in the Trenches, by R. Derby Holmes
  • The players looked like they were going to fall asleep after their exhausting day.
  • After that trial, he retired from criminal cases due to their exhausting nature.
  • After exhausting his remaining fortune Wild lived with his retired father for a few years.
  • They'll start exhausting you with their only meaning; let alone the double meaning.
  • After nine years of exhausting war, the last thing Louis wanted was another conflict.
  • However, the work at the factory proved exhausting and he soon left the position.
  • It was exhausting and I think we can all say we were happy once it was over.
  • They are of the type whose play is work, and too much of it is too exhausting. Cited from The Eugenic Marriage, Volume IV (of IV), by Grant Hague
  • The list of families was exhausting when the book was completed but since then new families may have developed.
  • We had an exhausting day in Paris, but managed to get pretty nearly everything. Cited from Chateau and Country Life in France, by Mary King Waddington
  • Also, many traditional teams declined to play the tournament, exhausting the competition before it started.
  • This can be physically exhausting and can often lead to short and long-term health problems.
  • Then again, spending too much time with the family can be exhausting.
  • But it required so much of you, was so exhausting in its demands. Cited from Dangerous Ages, by Rose Macaulay
  • The Court lasted till half-past three; exhausting work in this hot weather. Cited from The Journal of Sir Walter Scott, by Walter Scott
  • The other states could keep up the present production for many years but could not greatly increase it without exhausting the supply. Cited from Checking the Waste, by Mary Huston Gregory
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Root form of exhausting is exhaust for the verb.

Words starting with exhausting

Meaning of exhausting

  • verb Wear out completely
    This kind of work exhausts me, I'm beat, He was all washed up after the exam
  • verb Use up the whole supply of
    We have exhausted the food supplies
  • verb Eliminate (a substance)
    combustion products are exhausted in the engine, the plant releases a gas