exhaust their

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  • They have exhausted their entire military resources; they have raised their last army. Cited from The Continental Monthly, Vol. V, Jan, 1864, Number I, by Various
  • Then he said, we have exhausted their supply of real fighting men. Cited from On the Heels of De Wet, by The Intelligence Officer
  • Even if they held out, it might well exhaust their economic strength. Cited from Pelle the Conqueror, V4, Martin Anderson Nexo
  • By the end of the conflict both sides had exhausted their human and material resources.
  • Very many of the things that are said here are finally said; they exhaust their subject. Cited from Shakespearean Tragedy, by A. C. Bradley
  • Neither sister married and both died in poverty having exhausted their fortune on building the bridge.
  • Because they had exhausted their original repertoire, they began writing new material.
  • Their method of seeking a weak spot by trying many merely exhausted their infantry.
  • One may almost put it that, in their greed, they exhausted their store. Cited from The Story of Evolution, by Joseph McCabe
  • They did not fall back into the adjoining streets until after having exhausted their ammunition. Cited from The History of a Crime, by Victor Hugo
  • Only then, would he have completely exhausted their search.
  • When they had exhausted their stock they remounted and rode back the way they came. Cited from Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Rob't Tressell
  • They had not yet in London exhausted their own wonder. Cited from Weighed and Wanting, by George MacDonald
  • The fight continued until the remaining Japanese pursuit ships exhausted their ammunition and turned back. Cited from The Fireside Chats of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • Then they went away after they had put by a little money and came back again when they had exhausted their hoard. Cited from India, Old and New, by Sir Valentine Chirol
  • That player then becomes the lead player for the next trick, and play continues until all players have exhausted their hands.
  • But after both parties exhaust their weapons, a long fall to death awaits.
  • They had exhausted their resources in every sense. Cited from Tracks of a Rolling Stone by Henry J. Coke
  • When both sides had exhausted their ammunition, peace naturally became a necessity. Cited from Punch, Vol. 99, August 9, 1890, ed. by Sir Francis Burnand
  • What are men to do when they get to heaven, after having exhausted their vocabulary of admiration on earth? Cited from Our Hundred Days in Europe, Oliver Wendell Holmes
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