exhaust gas

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  • Info Exhaust gas or flue gas is emitted as a result of the combustion of fuels such as natural gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel fuel, fuel oil or coal. more...
  • The other two, a pair of exhaust gas boilers, were placed above them.
  • Many chemicals can be removed from exhaust gas also by using absorber material.
  • At the same time, the exhaust gas from the player's kart turns black.
  • Metal foam technology has also been applied in the treatment of the automotive exhaust gas.
  • Forty percent of an IC engine's energy is lost through exhaust gas heat.
  • Those exhaust gases have more pressure that I believed possible. Cited from Tom Swift and His Air Scout, by Victor Appleton
  • The high temperature and high pressure exhaust gases then pass through the turbine stages.
  • Jews placed in the back of a closed truck were killed with the truck's exhaust gas.
  • Most modern engines now need exhaust gas recirculation to meet emissions standards.
  • The exhaust gases then pass out of the building via the chimney.
  • The exhaust gas in the cylinder is expanded and compressed over and over again and acts like a gas spring.
  • As there is no exhaust gas upon starting, argon is used.
  • Quite often, the flue gas refers to the combustion exhaust gas produced at power plants.
  • If not run hot enough, the exhaust gas will be thick and black, and the resulting ash will not be fully rendered.
  • Automobile exhaust gas capture has also been seen as economical but would require extensive design changes or retrofitting.
  • Most modern engines now require exhaust gas recirculation to meet emissions standards.
  • Water was needed to cool rapidly flowing air and hot exhaust gases.
  • Further information can be obtained from the exhaust gas analyzers.
  • The system uses a bed of ceramic material to absorb heat from the exhaust gas.
  • Equipment is installed to scrub these out before the exhaust gases pass to atmosphere.
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