exhaust emissions

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  • One of the first-developed exhaust emission control systems is secondary air injection.
  • Exhaust emissions from ships are considered to be a significant source of air pollution.
  • Vehicles with diesel traction may enter the regional station only when the level of their exhaust emissions are below set limits.
  • The remaining engines were detuned year by year to reduce exhaust emissions, which also reduced their power output.
  • This is done to reduce exhaust emissions and to limit noise to surrounding residential areas.
  • Therefore, development was not done in consideration of domestic exhaust emissions regulations.
  • In addition, modern carburetors are required to do this while maintaining low rates of exhaust emissions.
  • Diesel units do not pollute as much as steam trains; modern units produce low levels of exhaust emissions.
  • They also enhance engine performance, whilst significantly reducing engine wear and toxic exhaust emissions.
  • For example, a new diesel engine may have lower fuel consumption, reduced exhaust emissions and better reliability.
  • The oil crisis of the 1970s made federal regulators put pressure on car manufacturers to reduce exhaust emissions.
  • Even when a catalytic converter is used, the practice of running an engine rich increases exhaust emissions.
  • There are two usual reasons for fitting condensing equipment - reducing exhaust emissions and increasing range.
  • Coal-fired power stations include devices called "scrubbers" to remove sulfur from their exhaust emissions.
  • These evaporative emissions and the exhaust emissions of the first few minutes of engine operation are sensitive to local microclimate.
  • To meet increasingly stringent safety and exhaust emission regulations, big-block engine options were discontinued.
  • This results in increased exhaust emissions, sometimes with greyish-blue smoke and/or a distinctive odor.
  • Amongst other things it was to have stricter exhaust emission and the top speed was to be raised to 140 km/h.
  • European emission standards define the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in EU member states.
  • The valley of Mexico is surrounded by mountains on all four sides creating a basin with only one small opening at the north, trapping all exhaust emissions of the city.
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