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  • English has exerted a heavy influence on both as a co-official language.
  • Thus you may be exerting a good influence upon all around you. Cited from The Child at Home, by John S.C. Abbott
  • They do not only own the technology, but they also exert power through it.
  • He was always exerting himself to find some means of making money. Cited from Pelle the Conqueror, by Martin Anderson Nexo
  • However, he was not able to exert his authority beyond parts of the capital.
  • For the first time it exerted an important influence on French political life.
  • Publishing exerted great influence over public opinion in the county in its early days.
  • Later, he exerted influence so that the opera should be published and performed.
  • This means they exert the most activity in the early morning and late afternoon.
  • Then you even believe that our society exerts a bad influence? Cited from Moral, by Ludwig Thoma
  • The boys could see that he was exerting, a strong effort to control himself. Cited from The Pony Rider Boys in New Mexico, by F. Patchin
  • Exerting all his strength he pushed him back with his free hand. Cited from German Classics of the 19th & 20th Centuries, Vol. IX, Ed. by Francke
  • Nor did he believe that they were exerting themselves to move supplies to his division.
  • Who can tell the influence that children are exerting in the world? Cited from The Life of Jesus Christ for the Young, Vol. 3, by Richard Newton
  • I looked away from her, and, again exerting my force, drew her toward the door. Cited from World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol 6, by Various
  • The municipality gained additional authority and can exert certain powers as a regional county.
  • Her political role was great, despite being exerted from behind the scenes.
  • He was long said to have continued to exert his command from beyond the grave.
  • Even after this, he continued to exert considerable authority from behind the scenes.
  • The singer exerts just nine times as much strength as is necessary to effect the same result. Cited from The Psychology of Singing, by David C. Taylor
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Synonyms of exert

Meaning of exert

  • verb Put to use
    exert one's power or influence
  • verb Make a great effort at a mental or physical task
    exert oneself