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  • Each saint has a story and a reason why he or she led an exemplary life.
  • When promoted to the next level, they continue to perform at their exemplary level.
  • All the while, word of his exemplary works spread far and wide beyond national borders.
  • Each year, in a very exemplary way, a different organization takes the leading role supported by all the others.
  • He has explanations for everything else and his conduct has been exemplary at all times.
  • The third source applies when neither one's education nor example exemplary conduct is known.
  • However, it is not only for the arts, but also has an exemplary educational program.
  • The book was considered an exemplary work of English literature by a new African author.
  • The community has long been recognized for its exemplary and recognized magnet schools.
  • He also created an administration, which, by the standards of his time, can only be called exemplary.
  • He had an exemplary attitude and track record with regard to contemporary music.
  • He was noted for his diligence and exemplary academic performance even from his high school days.
  • She is known for her social works which were exemplary.
  • To rear children for successful lives, an exemplary Roman mother needed to be well-educated herself.
  • In return for this charity, they are expected to lead exemplary lives.
  • Her services as the first ship of her type were exemplary and noteworthy.
  • They have also been awarded numerous accolades for exemplary working conditions in their manufacturing plants.
  • The college is known for an active student life and college teams have a consistently exemplary record in many sports.
  • Stanford worked for four years on it and became exemplary in his conduct.
  • The performance of the school was exemplary in the 1960s through the 1990s.
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