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  • At any other time, under any other emperor, he would have been executed.
  • The highway executes another turn to the south before once again moving due-east.
  • The modified computer program is subsequently executed as part of the same program.
  • A square dance call may take a very short time or a very long time to execute.
  • Any people seen taking part in religious rituals or services would be executed.
  • He was the oldest general officer to execute active command in either army during the war.
  • The message is usually sent by a program executed on another computer on the same local area network.
  • The general may not leave the palace except when executing the flying general move.
  • It is said that he had to watch as his sons were executed in front of his eyes.
  • Originally planned as a major offensive, it was executed as a more limited attack.
  • At least a dozen high-ranking officers were also executed during this time.
  • Some works have been executed, but removed already in the 1980s.
  • He executes them gradually from day to day, and from week to week. Cited from Italian Letters, Vols. I and II,William Godwin
  • It was quickly put down, and the ring leaders were executed.
  • But he continued to work, executing his last sketch three days before his death.
  • To protect the country from river flooding, another program is already being executed.
  • Activists said the two had been arrested and executed by state security forces.
  • This technique gets applied to those parts of a program frequently executed.
  • Once a player starts a campaign, the game will begin executing the campaign in real time.
  • This area has been shown to be most active when an individual is planning and executing a movement.
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Meaning of execute

  • verb Kill as a means of socially sanctioned punishment
    In some states, criminals are executed
  • verb Murder in a planned fashion
    The Mafioso who collaborated with the police was executed
  • verb Carry out the legalities of
    execute a will or a deed
  • verb Sign in the presence of witnesses
    The President executed the treaty