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  • The executable is distributed alone and can be run immediately by end-users.
  • In contrast, code areas such as library base and main executable need to be discovered exactly.
  • After this year's competition, the rules were changed to require that games be self-executable.
  • A sequence can be selected only if its first statement is executable.
  • Often this image is an executable, and can be run on other machines.
  • Make is typically used to build executable programs and libraries from source code.
  • Engineering and factory translated the design into one executable on the shop floor.
  • Many operating systems implement or have an available executable space protection policy.
  • The run-time engine and its libraries can be provided freely along with the executable.
  • These object files can then be linked together to create a single executable file or library.
  • The most common reason for converting a source code is to create an executable program.
  • Some actions may not be executable in a given situation.
  • The executable must then be run to create the coverage data.
  • Any image file or an executable program can be regarded as simply a very large binary number.
  • For both open source and free software, one can find the source code and executable component easily and for free online.
  • A fine ordered in Finland is executable in any European Union member country.
  • There have also been many attempts to create a machine readable or machine executable legal code.
  • The agent results in significant or total data loss on the system, including the agent's own executable code and data.
  • GIFAR is not executable code that gets run when you view an image.
  • As a result, not following some or all of the rules has no impact on the executable programs created from the source code.
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