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  • Bruce was subsequently excommunicated as a result, less for the murder than for its location.
  • This is a list of some of the more notable people excommunicated by the Catholic Church.
  • The bishop declares that he has the power to excommunicate the governor if necessary. Cited from The Fighting Governor, by Charles W. Colby
  • It was during this mission that news reached them that the Pope had excommunicated Henry.
  • Anyone who went abroad or anyone who associated with a person who went abroad were excommunicated.
  • All three witnesses eventually broke with Smith and were excommunicated from the church.
  • The news was carried to the Bishop, who gently declared that he would excommunicate him. Cited from Little Journeys To The Homes Of Great Teachers, by Elbert Hubbard
  • Monks were to be excommunicated, while public servants or military officers would lose their office.
  • He remained excommunicate for twenty-six years until his death in 1106.
  • Those excommunicated by one bishop, may not be restored by others.
  • In reality, only Michael may have been excommunicated along with his then-living adherents.
  • He has not thought fit to excommunicate me publicly as yet. Cited from Sword and Gown, by George A. Lawrence
  • As a result, he was excommunicated by the Pope and held in prison.
  • Anyone who did come back could be executed by the law and/or excommunicated by the Church.
  • Initially intended to last for a year, his "temporarily excommunicated" status became permanent.
  • Moreover he had excommunicated anyone who went abroad or associated with anyone who went abroad.
  • John was excommunicate, but now made his peace with the Pope. Cited from The Church and the Empire, by D. J. Medley
  • If anyone associated with a person excommunicated, then that person too would be excommunicated.
  • When he was killed, he had also been excommunicated and could not be buried at the priory.
  • When he failed to appear he was excommunicated.
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Meaning of excommunicate

  • verb Exclude from a church or a religious community
    The gay priest was excommunicated when he married his partner
  • verb Oust or exclude from a group or membership by decree