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  • We must not excommunicate people because they have not our taste in books. Cited from Essays in Little, by Andrew Lang
  • Do you know any person excommunicate in your parish who repairs to church? Cited from Elizabethan Parish in its Ecclesiastical and Financial Aspects, by Ware
  • I am not ready to excommunicate all those who lift their feet beyond a certain height. Cited from The Abominations of Modern Society, by Rev. T. De Witt Talmage
  • There is hardly a priest comes near me now, and presently they will excommunicate me. Cited from A Gentleman of France, by Stanley Weyman
  • No bishop would crown an excommunicate, and he had to put the crown on his own head. Cited from Outline of Universal History,by George Park Fisher
  • He has therefore lost the case and will be excommunicated.
  • The names of excommunicated persons to be read out four times a year in the parish churches.
  • It is known that he was excommunicate at the time of the election.
  • A church that can never have done with excommunicating Christ while it exists! Cited from A Plea for Captain John Brown, by Thoreau
  • Even the pope became involved when he excommunicated those who had been judged guilty.
  • If he died excommunicate, his body could not be buried in consecrated ground. Cited from Early European History, By Hutton Webster
  • As has been above stated, an excommunicate could not attend service. Cited from Elizabethan Parish in its Ecclesiastical and Financial Aspects, by Ware
  • People who married outside the community were also excommunicated.
  • A serious look shall be a Jury to excommunicate any man from our company. Cited from The Scornful Lady, by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher
  • I do not know whether he did not even threaten to excommunicate all of us, living and dead. Cited from My Double Life, by Sarah Bernhardt
  • Although this idea was eventually left aside, one bishop did excommunicate Congress members under his jurisdiction.
  • Both his father and son were excommunicated from the church while serving as apostles.
  • She eventually was excommunicated from the church for her activities.
  • The notice further stated that any Catholics who supported this new church would also be excommunicated.
  • One reason for the creation of the group was that three of its members had been recently excommunicated from the local branch church.
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Meaning of excommunicate

  • verb Exclude from a church or a religious community
    The gay priest was excommunicated when he married his partner
  • verb Oust or exclude from a group or membership by decree