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  • It was also the first show composed exclusively of music written for the show.
  • The player must often search for items or places found exclusively in one world.
  • Nor does each subject of study belong exclusively to any particular department.
  • Artists known exclusively for their work in comic books are not included.
  • They are exclusively custom-built or must be bought second hand in a very limited market.
  • Another feature-length special White Box was released exclusively to the American market.
  • His vision later was followed and now is applied almost exclusively.
  • The economy of the island was always based almost exclusively on commerce and services.
  • These sections of land were to be used exclusively for school projects.
  • Although Japanese is spoken almost exclusively in Japan, it has been spoken outside.
  • However, no such law has been passed to date and German soldiers are tried exclusively before civil courts.
  • The remainder of songs from the shows were released exclusively through online music stores.
  • The black party base questioned the fact that the leadership was exclusively white.
  • They do not exclusively bond themselves to either the light or dark sides of the Force.
  • It is the only railway station in Germany at which exclusively ICE trains stop.
  • On-campus housing was exclusively for men for the first forty years.
  • Boats were almost exclusively used for working purposes prior to the nineteenth century.
  • The album was exclusively produced for and released through the International Bible Society.
  • The new stadium became the first built exclusively for an NFL team.
  • Those with access in rural areas were served almost exclusively by protected wells.
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