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  • Info EXCITING is a state-of-the-art full-potential linearized augmented plane wave (FP-LAPW) code which uses quantum mechanics, specifically density functional theory (DFT), to determine the physical properties of solids and molecules. more...
  • The season turned out to be very exciting as the title was open until the last round.
  • The move has allowed the station to grow in new and exciting ways.
  • Also due to his racing experience, he knew how to lay out a particularly exciting course.
  • Most people play with money to make the game more exciting.
  • When they did, it was a very exciting event, and it was often war-related.
  • He changed the challenge every year, always trying to make it more complex and exciting.
  • He described this as "probably the most exciting single experience of my professional life".
  • Then came one of the most exciting times in the century.
  • These stories were often violent, but his friends found them very exciting.
  • This is another reason it was said to be exciting for younger students.
  • An exciting development has occurred that provides Internet access available to the community.
  • The production was regarded as one of the most exciting in the company's history.
  • This exciting new facility is available to the general public as well as the campus community.
  • Every year many people from different companies or organisations join the exciting competition.
  • So passed the most dangerous and exciting time of his life.
  • It must have been a most exciting time for all of Chicago.
  • He was an all-around player, whose play and shooting were exciting.
  • The second film's score is the most popular, being that it is the most exciting.
  • But it's exciting to do something different, do something new.
  • When you play less, it's more exciting -- there's more room for everything.
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Root form of exciting is excite for the verb.

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Meaning of exciting

  • verb Arouse or elicit a feeling
  • verb Raise to a higher energy level
    excite the atoms
  • verb Produce a magnetic field in
    excite the neurons
  • adjective Creating or arousing excitement
    an exciting account of her trip