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  • The band was often asked to leave the parties due to excessive noise.
  • But because of its excessive cost, it failed to make a profit on its first release.
  • They could not show excessive care of their person, and they were not allowed to let the fire go out.
  • However, excessive amounts of snow fall have never been recorded in the city.
  • The cost was described in some local media as excessive.
  • The former represents excessive capital production and/or military build-up.
  • Each turn is time-limited to ensure that players do not hold up the game with excessive thinking or moving.
  • This disease was supposed that is result from the excessive amount of blood within the blood vessels.
  • However, the government was seen to make some effort to prosecute security forces who used excessive force.
  • His poor health, made worse by excessive smoking and drinking, laid him low.
  • The skin changed to become more protective and prevent excessive water loss.
  • The evaluation of whether use of force was excessive in a given case can be a difficult task.
  • This is especially common in schools with excessive gang activity or violence.
  • With this model, agencies try to control excessive use of force.
  • This is because there is no way to quantify the use of excessive force for any particular situation.
  • The police then cleared the park, using what some thought was excessive force against those who disobeyed the order.
  • There have been claims of disability, and even death, due to excessive use of these products.
  • The project was established to control the excessive traffic.
  • The shows were considered lackluster and the members were excessive in their drug use.
  • The medical term for excessive hair growth that affect both men and women is hypertrichosis.
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