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  • Only a single short excerpt has come down to us in the original form. Cited from Early Britain, by Grant Allen
  • The letters have never been published except as brief excerpts in various areas of research.
  • The book contains a section of full-color excerpts from certain comic books.
  • He said that the excerpts will likely serve as his final interview.
  • The second act was repeated as an excerpt five more times that season.
  • The excerpts of the story were also presented out of order in the collection.
  • The music video of the song is an excerpt from the film itself.
  • The following list consists of the report excerpts from which the table is based.
  • The band has also been known to play excerpts from the song during various sporting events.
  • The following is an excerpt about the change of position defence at work.
  • Since season two, every episode ends with a police radio excerpt.
  • Along with some other excerpts, the Romance movement has since become very popular.
  • A very brief excerpt appeared in a mid-1960s television special about Australian television.
  • In order to do this they take pictures, write excerpts, and interview people.
  • I believe that this use of the excerpt is in good faith.
  • The first excerpt of the table was published a century later.
  • It contains also articles and excerpts from the Russian press of that time.
  • The full text in English is available through the from which the excerpts below have been taken.
  • Excerpts from we are destroyed were first performed as part of the New Works Now!
  • Through most of its run the magazine frequently published fantasy fiction, either short stories or novel excerpts.
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Meaning of excerpt

  • noun A passage selected from a larger work
    he presented excerpts from William James' philosophical writings
  • verb Take out of a literary work in order to cite or copy