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  • He seems to have been exceedingly popular both at school and within his own family.
  • It is such exceedingly hard work that he cannot sing more than four hours a day.
  • Certainly war with the combined might of the two powers would have been exceedingly difficult.
  • Play then became exceedingly fast, but many opportunities were lost through wild passing.
  • He died exceedingly rich and left a great deal of money to charity.
  • No library holds a complete set, and some of his books are exceedingly rare.
  • The three sources that provide our knowledge on this period is exceedingly difficult to work with.
  • This was an exceedingly important event in the history of higher education in America.
  • Awards are also given out to individuals who performed exceedingly well.
  • He did exceedingly well in school and went to London to obtain a law degree.
  • His short-stories were exceedingly popular in his own time.
  • It is not nearly as fine as the other three and is exceedingly rare.
  • Again he has been driven back, suffering an exceedingly heavy loss.
  • Also, finding the right moves may be exceedingly difficult for one or both sides.
  • They have performed exceedingly well at the international level for India.
  • However, when the woman's delivery drew near, her labor became exceedingly difficult.
  • These events took place in weather that is exceedingly hot.
  • However, he became exceedingly independent in his political action.
  • The team participated in many other tournaments, all which they performed exceedingly well.
  • This has to be done in an exceedingly complex and ever-changing environment.
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