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  • He suffered ill-health for many years which was exacerbated by a fall.
  • Rapid house-building and commercial development may have exacerbated the problem in recent years.
  • This was later exacerbated when he later claimed that he had shut down the network upon his leaving.
  • The government's heavy support of highway-building projects exacerbated the problem.
  • This exacerbated a division between the German high command and political leadership.
  • Furthermore the fire was exacerbated because the town did not have a working water system or fire department.
  • Many trees still had snow on them from the winter storm of the previous week to exacerbate the damage.
  • The previously mentioned climatic change also helped to exacerbate these new problems of war.
  • Nor did he wish to further exacerbate the slight bond he had managed to form with his son.
  • The accident was exacerbated by the age and design of the multiple units involved.
  • Such sentiments were exacerbated when George did not completely rule himself out of a possible race.
  • He was imprisoned in Germany for several months, which exacerbated his health problems.
  • The lack of available emergency care in many developing countries only serves to exacerbate this problem.
  • This concern was further exacerbated when city leaders began hunting through the city for additional supplies.
  • Exacerbated by heavy winds, the fire destroyed the building, which also contained a travel information center.
  • The situation is exacerbated by yet another appearance of the black cat.
  • The situation is exacerbated because these animals are spread across four isolated populations.
  • He further exacerbated the situation by selling political offices for money.
  • During the summer months the situation is exacerbated by through traffic to coastal locations.
  • However, it is possible that volunteer travel might exacerbate existing problems in the host community.
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  • verb Exasperate or irritate