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  • In western popular culture, black has long been associated with evil and darkness.
  • An act such as murder is wrong/evil by its very nature.
  • The question of who then is ultimately responsible for evil points back towards God.
  • It becomes known that the Dark King is the true source of evil.
  • He was also very critical of the social evils he saw around him.
  • Records shall be given in the right hand if they are good, and the left if they are evil.
  • A world with free beings and no evil would be still better.
  • It is believed that one must choose not to be evil to return to God.
  • Five live action films have been released under the title of Resident Evil.
  • This seems to me to be a growing evil.
  • He also tells her about all of the evils he has had to do during the war.
  • The first part of this defense accounts for moral evil as the result of free human action.
  • They believed their body art would please the spirits of the animals and make any evil go away.
  • Philosophy should provide a standard for good and evil.
  • There they established their own society, free from the evils of man's world.
  • The real evil is them companies killing us without our consent.
  • A journalist asked the president if he still considered the Soviet Union the evil empire.
  • The evil and horror throughout the films come from where the movies are taking place.
  • A distinction has been made between the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
  • You have to understand the good in things, to detect the real evil.
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Meaning of evil

  • noun Morally objectionable behavior
  • noun That which causes harm or destruction or misfortune; the good is oft interred with their bones"- shakespeare
    the evil that men do lives after them
  • noun The quality of being morally wrong in principle or practice
    attempts to explain the origin of evil in the world
  • adjective Morally bad or wrong
    evil purposes, an evil influence, evil deeds