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  • However, the war quickly spread and eventually involved every level of society.
  • The show eventually left free-to-air television in Australia in the 1970s.
  • This eventually became the standard for the commercial television industry in the United States.
  • Eventually her father gave up and permitted her to live as she pleased.
  • Eventually, he moved from Chicago to southern California and started writing full-time.
  • This marriage brought him money and eventually four children.
  • Over time this meaning has been co-opted and has eventually been changed.
  • It was while he was in Mexico that he met the young girl whom he eventually married.
  • His palace eventually became the core of the modern-day city of Split.
  • Eventually superior foreign species were selected and incorporated into the family's garden.
  • These eventually created a state within the state.
  • He eventually raised enough money to produce a full-length film, though not the full amount he originally wanted.
  • He eventually goes to meet her at her garden hide-out.
  • This eventually caused a fire on set and the studios Fire Department arrived.
  • The good that is widely accepted eventually becomes money.
  • They may eventually become Working Groups in their own right.
  • Something which he is eventually unable to do.
  • The case eventually was settled out of court.
  • The name was eventually adopted by the city's Board of Trade several years later.
  • He eventually came to be recognized as the chief of his clan.
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