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  • Questions to where he would stay and where he would go were evasive.
  • She could not meet his grave blue eyes and put him off with an evasive answer. Cited from A Houseful of Girls, by Sarah Tytler
  • One day he asked her about her black eye and she gave evasive answers.
  • You see, you get very evasive if you've ever been in a position like mine. Cited from The Judge, by Rebecca West
  • What answer could I give to this speech, but mere evasive common-place! Cited from Roughing it in the Bush, by Susanna Moodie
  • I told him an evasive story, and kept the truth to myself. Cited from Peter the Great, by Jacob Abbott
  • When he calls her family's home they are strange and evasive.
  • At last he was forced to face the situation -- in his own evasive fashion. Cited from God Success,John Graham (David Graham Phillips
  • Apparently while taking evasive action your son hit the trees with a wing and lost control of the aircraft.
  • No answer came until a later date, and then it proved to be of an evasive character. Cited from The Development of the European Nations, by John Holland Rose
  • He tries to express his love towards her, but she remains evasive.
  • Just then it began to take violent evasive action so I tried to close on it. Cited from The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, by Edward Ruppelt
  • His wife described the girl's swift evasive movement away from her. Cited from A Flock of Girls and Boys, by Nora Perry
  • At another time he might have got out of the room with an evasive answer, but he spoke without thinking. Cited from Jason, by Justus Miles Forman
  • Douglas would use all his evasive skill in keeping away from this difficult point. Cited from Abraham Lincoln, by Lord Charnwood
  • I'm not trying to be evasive or not answer your question.
  • She continued evasive action that morning, then returned to the general area of the attack shortly after noon.
  • His evasive answer seemed to make no impression upon her. Cited from Atlantis, by Gerhart Hauptmann
  • Unless the player takes evasive action, any or all Options may be removed.
  • The missionary tried to put them off with an evasive answer, not being very sure herself what those words meant.
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