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  • She sometimes shows fear, but it quickly evaporates when she gets down to her work.
  • How could such as she evaporate into sweet air, a clear heaven? Cited from Flames, by Robert Smythe Hichens
  • Suppose you lost half the water you needed for your journey by having it evaporate. Cited from The Story of Porcelain, by Sara Ware Bassett
  • This is exactly what would appear if a large lake had slowly evaporated.
  • Continue to cook slowly until almost all of the remaining water has evaporated. Cited from School and Home Cooking, by Carlotta C. Greer
  • When we evaporate in a few minutes what becomes of us? Cited from Editorials from the Hearst Newspapers by Brisbane
  • By the time wide distribution started in spring, public interest seemed to have evaporated.
  • In the dry season the water evaporates and the area becomes very dry.
  • She had not moved when he evaporated, or given any sign whatever. Cited from The Way of the Wild, by F. St. Mars
  • It either lives as the spirit lives, or else it evaporates and leaves nothing. Cited from Emerson and Other Essays, by John Jay Chapman
  • That water has evaporated so much that it is too salt for anything to live in. Cited from The Coral Island, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • In other words, about eight times more water could evaporate from the region than actually falls as rain.
  • This confidence evaporated when Russia decided to back the prince during the election.
  • Using evaporated sea water he was able to preserve the meat he caught.
  • So going into the last two events in Hawaii his lead had evaporated.
  • Within a matter of minutes, the whole American left wing had evaporated.
  • Before being dried as noted above, the water should all be allowed to evaporate. Cited from Culinary Herbs: Cultivation, Harvesting, Curing and Uses, by M. G. Kains
  • The little cloud that had thus come up soon evaporated under the bright sun that now broke through it. Cited from German Classics of the 19th & 20th Centuries, Vol. VIII, Ed. by Francke
  • Whatever energy Charles might have shown during the siege, all seemed now to evaporate. Cited from The Empire of Austria; Its Rise and Present Power, by John S. C. Abbott
  • It is caused by evaporated water that comes off of the ocean and becomes a storm.
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Meaning of evaporate

  • verb Lose or cause to lose liquid by vaporization leaving a more concentrated residue
    evaporate milk
  • verb Cause to change into a vapor
    The chemist evaporated the water
  • verb Change into a vapor
    The water evaporated in front of our eyes