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  • Egypt evacuates a large number of the civilian population in the canal region.
  • After being convinced of the bomb's presence, security evacuates the hotel.
  • The opera is interrupted but also the sound of a bomb going off evacuates the theatre.
  • The doctor evacuates with her patient, driving a car away from the city to unspecified northern territory towards the border.
  • The army evacuates the residents to begin drilling through the concrete floor.
  • Gus congratulates the passengers on their success and then evacuates the air on the train as their services are no longer needed.
  • Jermayan evacuates the entire city through the mountains and burns its Flower Forest so it will not fall to enemy hands.
  • Darkrai constantly tries to fend them off as the town evacuates into the garden.
  • Peko later evacuates the city along with the others under the direction of the JSDF.
  • The game is disrupted by the invasion and the team quickly evacuates.
  • Realizing the boat is slowly taking on water, everyone evacuates in the lifeboat and makes for a nearby island.
  • Styles evacuates his family from their home and takes them to the housing project Odessa uses as a drug lab.
  • Billy's crew evacuates in the other plane while he boards Gene's helicopter.
  • As UNIT evacuates the town, a soldier tells the Doctor he has captured one of the Shalka on the surface.
  • The return of the arms surrendered by the Spanish forces shall take place when they evacuate the city or when the American Army evacuates. Cited from The Story of the Philippines, by Murat Halstead
  • Everyone evacuates, but Bart runs through some 6th graders and gets through them.
  • Danny evacuates the academy, making sure every recruit is gone before the Zyrvie fleet arrives.
  • When the pin evacuates the notch the blade and right spring carrier are free to move.
  • The positioner evacuates output 1 until the position change defined in advance occurs.
  • Mary Jane is heard to scream off-panel as Mayday evacuates the house with her brother.
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Root form of evacuates is evacuate for the verb.

Meaning of evacuates

  • verb Move out of an unsafe location into safety
    After the earthquake, residents were evacuated
  • verb Empty completely
    evacuate the bottle
  • verb Move people from their homes or country
  • verb Create a vacuum in (a bulb, flask, reaction vessel)
  • verb Excrete or discharge from the body