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  • He then returned through heavy automatic weapons fire to evacuate the wounded company commander.
  • In the spring, the town is almost completely evacuated before its destruction.
  • He helped evacuate seriously wounded soldiers from an open field under intense enemy fire.
  • They were told that they were being evacuated to Germany instead.
  • Others simply did not see the point in evacuating the island.
  • Many residents in the area sought higher ground, but most refused to evacuate via the trains.
  • These factors may have prevented many people from being able to evacuate on their own.
  • This was the first and so far the only time a whole county was evacuated in Florida.
  • On the same day Washington completed the work of evacuating the city. Cited from The War of Independence, by John Fiske
  • A majority of the population evacuated shortly before the storm hit, but there was still significant loss of life.
  • Again, thousands were evacuated from their homes, but the fire failed to cross the river.
  • As a result, one thousand people were evacuated from the area.
  • But now city after city was evacuated by the French occupation troops.
  • The floor that has the fire and all other floors above are evacuated.
  • In the subsequent fighting the town was nearly completely destroyed and inhabitants were evacuated.
  • When they evacuated the position, only nine men remained.
  • Those who did not evacuate saw the destruction caused by this strong hurricane.
  • People who refused to evacuate would have their homes burned to the ground and would be killed immediately.
  • Then he struck out across the road to an unfinished hospital building that had been evacuated already.
  • The royal family and court were forced to evacuate the castle.
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Meaning of evacuate

  • verb Move out of an unsafe location into safety
    After the earthquake, residents were evacuated
  • verb Empty completely
    evacuate the bottle
  • verb Move people from their homes or country
  • verb Create a vacuum in (a bulb, flask, reaction vessel)
  • verb Excrete or discharge from the body