evacuate wounded

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  • Many were marked with the red cross and evacuated wounded.
  • Six of those evacuated wounded later died of their wounds.
  • Troops were able to land unexpectedly, strike, and leave again, and evacuate wounded.
  • Also evacuated wounded personnel to hospital facilities in South Korea and Japan.
  • The lack of transport infrastructure placed an emphasis on military engineering and air transport to move and supply troops, and evacuate wounded.
  • During the Gallipoli Campaign he took charge of evacuating wounded men from the beach in the campaign's opening days.
  • Small boats from the cutters helped evacuate wounded Regional Forces troops.
  • When not engaged in airborne operations, the group transported troops and supplies and evacuated wounded personnel.
  • Yet this battery on its arrival had lost only eight horses from exhaustion, not counting those killed in action or evacuated wounded.
  • Jacobs made repeated trips across the fire-swept open rice paddies evacuating wounded and their weapons.
  • Following each airborne operation, the group resumed transport activities, hauling cargo and evacuating wounded personnel.
  • The brigade was short of water, without food and unable to evacuate wounded; many isolated groups surrendered, after they ran out of ammunition.
  • She served in numerous combat actions during the Korean War, carrying supplies and ammunition, and was also used to evacuate wounded.
  • They ferried troops into the cities, evacuated wounded and bombarded the besieging German troops.
  • The wing also served in the mission of evacuating wounded personnel from the battlefield to regional treatment facilities and bringing fallen service members home for burial.
  • Thereafter the ship made four more voyages to Leyte to evacuate wounded.
  • When not engaged in airborne combat operations, the group continually transported men and supplies to the front lines and evacuated wounded personnel.
  • It transported supplies to the partisans, evacuated wounded, dropped agents to help them, and provided air support in their operations against German troops.
  • Attempts were made to evacuate wounded but some were still stranded in no-man's-land when the attack began on 12 October.
  • On May 14, he was killed after running through intense hostile fire to reach an abandoned machine gun during a mission to evacuate wounded soldiers.
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