evacuate them

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  • The children's supervisors decided to evacuate them before it rose too high.
  • One problem is that it has been hard to care for local health care workers, and there is not enough money to evacuate them.
  • Theatre attendants and police who were quickly called managed to keep the children on the main floor safe and evacuate them.
  • Not a few lost their lives before the Federation Space Navy could get ships here to evacuate them. Cited from Four-Day Planet, by Henry Beam Piper
  • Foreign nationals without transport claimed that the police refused to evacuate them, giving bus places only to American citizens.
  • If someone thinks otherwise and plans to evacuate them, it will have to be approved by the government.
  • He single-handedly defended the wounded men against enemy attack until locating a friendly force which could evacuate them.
  • The Civil Defence was monitoring two other apartment blocks ready to evacuate them if waters rose further.
  • MacArthur directed that the worst cases be selected for an attempt to evacuate them to Australia.
  • He was successful in delivering additional food and ammunition to the soldiers on three separate occasions, but could not evacuate them.
  • In order to ensure its complete success it was necessary to conquer and occupy all countries, and never to evacuate them. Cited from Memoirs of Napoleon, V9, by Bourrienne
  • He provided them with police protection, and left with an assurance that he would return in the morning with an army unit to evacuate them to safety.
  • Five Golani soldiers were wounded by friendly fire, and two tanks were sent to evacuate them.
  • However, Gibbs refused to sign an order that would authorize a military transport to evacuate them.
  • As well as scouting enemy territory alongside her male colleagues, her work involved treating the wounded and evacuating them to safety.
  • There she was mistaken by excited German soldiers as a German destroyer sent to evacuate them.
  • However, workers already in Nigeria were permitted to stay there, and the government indicated that they did not plan to evacuate them.
  • There is no way to evacuate them safely.
  • However, the boat which was to rendezvous to evacuate them across the Baltic developed engine trouble and failed to arrive in time.
  • However, due to a shortage of men and equipment, he was unable to hold these places, evacuating them before National Army reinforcements arrived.
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