evacuate their

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  • The enemy could not stand this determined attack, evacuated their position, and took to flight. Cited from Through Three Campaigns, by G. A. Henty
  • One person died, and hundreds were forced to evacuate their houses.
  • The management of some high-rise buildings in Singapore evacuated their staff.
  • The Allies finally decided to call off the offensive and successfully evacuated their troops.
  • However, aid workers argue that the supplies must have been taken after they evacuated their office due to heavy fighting.
  • The attack was well planned and the INDIANS evacuated their positions.
  • The insurgents evacuated their positions about two hours into the battle.
  • The only bright spot for the British in this entire operation was that they managed to evacuate their positions without much loss.
  • In that city, about 200 people were forced to evacuate their houses along the water.
  • They surface only when plowing or heavy rain forces them to evacuate their burrows.
  • Schoolhouses were closed and many families evacuated their women and small children to safer areas in other states.
  • After heavy fighting which lasted several days, the Americans evacuated their remaining forces to Manhattan.
  • When the Union Army ordered them to evacuate their farm, they moved to Kansas City.
  • To address that problem, many governments have sent civilian and military aircraft and ships to evacuate their citizens.
  • In 1782 they decided to evacuate their troops by the end of the year.
  • Meanwhile many governments issued travel advisories and evacuated their citizens from the country.
  • While fighting continued, part of Festa's unit were trying to evacuate their wounded.
  • The old couple had absolutely refused to evacuate their house. Cited from With Those Who Wait, by Frances Wilson Huard
  • When they evacuated their forts, they were forced to leave behind critical supplies and munitions.
  • The rest of the crew members ejected safely or evacuated their aircraft on the ground.
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