evacuate the wounded

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  • He then returned through heavy automatic weapons fire to evacuate the wounded company commander.
  • Bullen agreed to stay behind and help evacuate the wounded but few could be got off.
  • After seven hours of bitter street fighting a truce was called to evacuate the wounded on both sides.
  • At once all hands got busy and began to evacuate the wounded men into the Salvation Army cave. Cited from War Romance Salvation Army,E. Booth and G. L. Hill
  • When the 2 elements made contact he organized his men into litter parties to evacuate the wounded.
  • Instead of attacking, the regiment spent the rest of the day evacuating the wounded and strengthening their lines.
  • Gibbon arrived the next day and helped to bury the dead and evacuate the wounded.
  • Overwhelmed by the numerically superior hostile force, he ordered his men to evacuate the wounded and move back.
  • This made it possible to evacuate the wounded rapidly to the base by means of hospital trains and barges during an engagement. Cited from On the Fringe of the Great Fight, by George G. Nasmith
  • At the same time, helicopters were called to evacuate the wounded.
  • The company commander left on his own accord to evacuate the wounded to Nafakh.
  • Preparations were being made to evacuate the wounded crew when a pair of pump steamers arrived on the scene.
  • A hospital train was arranged for evacuating the wounded from the port town and get them to the Dutch hospital inland with great haste.
  • Primarily, these included airlifting troops, reinforcements, supplies, and equipment into combat, and evacuating the wounded.
  • Twice he went with litter bearers to help evacuate the wounded.
  • At one point he stood exposed and used flashlights to direct helicopters which were evacuating the wounded and bringing in supplies.
  • She spent the rest of the war shuttling supplies to the troops in the Sinai and evacuating the wounded.
  • Wilson exposed himself to hostile fire in order to treat the many casualties and, when the company began to withdraw, he helped evacuate the wounded.
  • During the battle, Anderson had tried to evacuate the wounded by using an ambulance, but the Japanese would not let the vehicles pass the bridge.
  • "When they come to evacuate the wounded to Meaux or some other place, do you suppose I shall be allowed to accompany them and continue my treatment?" Cited from Fighting France, by Stephane Lauzanne
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