evacuate the country

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  • Germany has declared that she is ready to evacuate the country. Cited from Through the Iron Bars, by Emile Cammaerts
  • The war was thus brought to a successful termination, and the British army evacuated the country. Cited from Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4, by Various
  • The French were obliged to evacuate the country, and left their friends to settle matters for themselves as best they could. Cited from Drake, Nelson and Napoleon, by Walter Runciman
  • Chamberlain wished, if his own Egyptian policy was not adopted, to simply evacuate the country. Cited from Life of Charles W. Dilke, Vol. 2,Stephen Gwynn
  • The British, tired of the war, were preparing to evacuate the country. Cited from The Life of Francis Marion, by W. Gilmore Simms
  • On his approach, Pran Narayan evacuated the country and fled towards the hills.
  • To force such a number of families, of which too such great use might have been made, to evacuate the country, seems at first both impolitic and inhuman. Cited from Customs And Manners Of The Micmakis And Maricheets, by Maillard
  • Many of these agencies had been wholly or partially manned by Americans who subsequently evacuated the country out of fear of retaliation.
  • The Spaniards evacuated the country; and these provinces seemed at last to breathe a little from their calamities. Cited from The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol. I, Part D, by David Hume
  • There he negotiated with the Russian Government for its holdings on the Pacific coast, and took them over when Russia evacuated the country. Cited from The Expedition of the Donner Party and its Tragic Fate, by Houghton
  • In January 2007, Danish embassy staff including the ambassador evacuated the country following security concerns.
  • The British attack was successful; but insurrections broke out (1841), and they agreed to evacuate the country. Cited from Outline of Universal History,by George Park Fisher
  • With up to 90% of their shops burnt down in Chinatown, most Chinese have evacuated the country in fear of their personal safety.
  • The Polish government evacuated the country for Romania.
  • Britain went on alone; and although she hoped and believed that she would quickly be able to restore order, and thereupon to evacuate the country, found herself drawn into a labour of reconstruction that could not be dropped. Cited from The Expansion Of Europe, by Ramsay Muir
  • It happened to be the Anthem on the lips of the people when they came into their own and when the outsiders evacuated the country and left the insiders here to make the best or the worst of the country.
  • Paphlagonia was declared independent, and the pseudo- Pylaemenes of Nicomedes was directed to evacuate the country. Cited from The History Of Rome, Book IV, by Theodor Mommsen
  • As the season was so far advanced, as the approach of winter was daily making the navigation of the coast more dangerous, and as there was no time to effect diversions or to change the plan of operations, the Duke of York was ordered to evacuate the country. Cited from Life and Correspondence of Sir Isaac Brock, by Ferdinand Brock Tupper
  • Meanwhile Pompey proceeded with his preparations to evacuate the country in safety: his associates learning this shrank from the journey abroad, because it seemed to them a flight, and attached themselves to Caesar. Cited from Dio's Rome, by Cassius Dio
  • Another defeat was the result, and the baffled sovereign at length evacuated the country, and fled northward, pursued by the whole united forces of the British and the Bengal Nawab. Cited from Fall of the Moghul Empire of Hindustan, by Keene

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