evacuate the building

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  • If there was, they would evacuate the building and call the fire department.
  • This will allow extra time to evacuate the building or to put out the fire if possible.
  • Defeating the dragon-like enemy will force the player to evacuate the building before it collapses.
  • Mr. Fletcher is given a week to evacuate the building before it will be razed.
  • The battalion was forced to evacuate the building, and Zakrzewska left with the others.
  • They rapidly warned staff and visitors of the archive, who were instructed to evacuate the building.
  • In addition, residents (especially the elderly and disabled) find it difficult to evacuate the building in an emergency.
  • They manage to alert Caroline, and command her to evacuate the building and turn off the ventilation.
  • The police tried to evacuate the building with tear gas, and a riot ensued.
  • Chief Nelson makes the call to evacuate the building, as the crew of Ladder 62 try to find their way out.
  • In Pottstown, a large portion of the roof of a four-story building was blown off, forcing residents to evacuate the building.
  • She had earlier taken the wounded Connolly's final dictated orders, and had refused to leave him despite being ordered to evacuate the building with the injured.
  • However, Emma's determination to prove herself led her to getting killed in an explosion, after trying to save others, despite orders to evacuate the building.
  • The scare caused most of the cast and crew, as well as that week's guest host Drew Barrymore, to evacuate the building.
  • This action enabled the people on the floor of the auditorium to evacuate the building fairly quickly, but Rocheford's action came at a cost.
  • Craan was at his office when the quake hit and was able to evacuate the building, but he was then struck by a piece of falling concrete and killed instantly.
  • However, the security guard either suspected the warning was a hoax, or simply failed to understand the instructions, and did not evacuate the building as advised.
  • Ten minutes' warning was given to the airport authorities, who started to evacuate the building; the inside of the terminal was damaged and eight people were injured, one seriously.
  • As the school was given only 2 days to evacuate the building by the commander of the occupying forces, most of the valuable library and the educational material had to be left behind.
  • The natural inclination, in response to a fire alarm, would be to evacuate the building, but in this case, the assailant was specifically targeting people who attempted to exit.
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