evacuate the area

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  • They started running, running away and told us that we should evacuate the area.
  • In some cases the warning gave the wrong location, or did not give enough time to evacuate the area.
  • An artillery observer ordered friendly troops to evacuate the area and then directed artillery fire upon the gun positions.
  • Upon the approach of Caesar, he was forced to evacuate the area.
  • At one point up to 3000 were forced to evacuate the area.
  • The Union Army evacuated the area in 1864, burning the college's building.
  • The army said that protesters defied its orders to evacuate the area.
  • However due to developments of the war the Greek Army retreated and the surviving local population evacuated the area.
  • The ship's crew joined the German troops ashore and participated in the campaign until the British evacuated the area in June.
  • The next day government authorities evacuated the area, demolished the remaining shacks and began to refill the sand.
  • He finds scavenger crabs before spectacular volcanic activity forces the team to evacuate the area.
  • Turkish sources claim that the Greek and Armenian population got permission to leave from the Greek army and had already evacuated the area.
  • Fanned by strong winds, the fire quickly grew, forcing residents in a radius of the fire to evacuate the area.
  • The cadres dispersed and evacuated the area during the night and were gone when a Rhodesian sweep took place the next morning.
  • The best course of action when finding out that you are near a mobile meth lab is to evacuate the area and wait for the professionals to come.
  • Residents were ordered to evacuate the area shortly before 3 PM.
  • Police in Kanagawa Prefecture, where the Americans were expected to first land, recommended that young women and girls evacuate the area.
  • Libyan TV stations urged residents to evacuate the area.
  • The fire department notified Olympic Pipeline of the leak and evacuated the area around the creek.
  • As part of the agreement, the Jews of Khaybar were to evacuate the area, and surrender their wealth.
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