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  • But she who takes care of little children takes care of great eternities. Cited from The Life of Duty, v. 2, by H. J. Wilmot-Buxton
  • But those seven days were more than a week, they were seven eternities. Cited from Rainbow's End, by Rex Beach
  • Is the great world just a black hold Or eternity's great goal?
  • Each person will remain to eternity according to his will or ruling love.
  • God's mind is sitting in the same state for all of eternity.
  • He could not really give answer to this female talk of the eternities. Cited from Lord Ormont and his Aminta by Meredith, v2
  • Thus, a couple in true marriage love remain together in that state in heaven into eternity.
  • Steve lived every day with eternity in view, today he finally saw it with his own eyes.
  • But if I stood in her path in eternity, where should I go.
  • He had to wait six days, and they felt like six eternities. Cited from The Colors of Space, by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • This night, minutes have been as hours to him, and now he would have them become eternities. Cited from Mohammed Ali and His House, by Louise Muhlbach
  • But at this moment, with their eternities in their eyes, they had no thought of gold. Cited from The Conquest of America, by Cleveland Moffett
  • For death in the family she must also provide, so the eternities are her concern. Cited from London's Underworld, by Thomas Holmes
  • Eternity does not begin at death; Progress is open to all now!
  • He knew not how long he had been a prisoner, except that it had been eternities. Cited from Long Live the King, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • Shortly I will pass into eternity, where we will once again find each other and never again be separated.
  • He will no longer be as he was, forever and ever, for all eternity.
  • Everyone who will ever live will die a natural death, and will soon after be forgotten for eternity.
  • Eternity is the third full-length album by the German power metal band Freedom Call.
  • He promises her that no matter what happens, he will love only her for all eternity.
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Meaning of eternity

  • noun Time without end
  • noun A state of eternal existence believed in some religions to characterize the afterlife
  • noun A seemingly endless time interval (waiting)