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  • The island is also often referred to as the island of eternal spring.
  • Daily life rather than eternal life became the focus of board games.
  • In fact, how can they, if virtue has only one eternal standard?
  • Also will be eternal for us Both the sun native, and the sky.
  • The artists who meet each other in the Eternal Network have taken these steps.
  • Only those whose lives are brief can imagine that love is eternal.
  • The more you know about yourself the more you can find your eternal validity.
  • An example of an eternal object is a number, such as the number 'two'.
  • The world of God is eternal and not part of the physical.
  • His realm included his children and was surrounded by justice and eternal science.
  • "Here is eternal spring; for you the very stars of heaven are new."
  • The principle that gives a particular form of this is the eternal objects.
  • While it is unknown if he gained eternal life or not, he did heal.
  • She arrived with the promise of a drug that would give eternal life to anyone who took it.
  • This is the view that God has determined the eternal destiny of every human being.
  • Spiritual death is related to but distinct from physical death and the second (eternal) death.
  • There is so little thought given to eternal issues that their very absence make them pointedly there.
  • Others hold, instead, that "eternal existence" means that God exists at all times.
  • In either case, Zeus granted her wish and put him into an eternal sleep.
  • The existence of God and the universe is thought to be eternal, without a beginning or end.
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