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  • However, some radio stations still play this erroneous version of the song.
  • The result is an erroneous reading, showing a pressure much lower than actually present.
  • Before long, the erroneous nature of several pieces of evidence was revealed.
  • Many years later he wrote that the information then supplied was erroneous.
  • Let me begin first by clarifying some erroneous information noted in your letter.
  • There have been various sources, most of which have offered erroneous information.
  • Further analysis with more extensive data led to the conclusion that the find had been erroneous.
  • He also claimed that the use of the term "festival" for the event is erroneous.
  • Then, after Law received some erroneous reports, he decided to pull back.
  • Earlier reports from India are erroneous although it is likely to occur there.
  • This has led to many erroneous claims that the episode was publicly broadcast as a regular episode.
  • Note: each of the three discographies provides its own additional or erroneous information.
  • But people also have the erroneous impression that the music was new.
  • The court held that the lower court's determination was not clearly erroneous.
  • Before him there was an erroneous opinion that it was necessary to pour steel as slowly as possible.
  • That claim might be erroneous as the food is typically made in homes and not sold widely in stores.
  • "State police said they received no calls related to the erroneous alert."
  • However, the three papers were later shown to be erroneous.
  • This is likely to cause problems for users of these systems due to erroneous calculations.
  • The Red Cross subsequently set up an independent investigation of the claims, which found them to be erroneous.
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