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  • Info Erode is the administrative headquarters of Erode District in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. more...
  • This mass of moving water eroded a valley about wide and from to deep.
  • He also thought that to do so would erode states' rights by increasing federal executive power.
  • Yet the band did not do many live performances, which would begin to erode their popular following.
  • Within only a few years, parts of the structure eroded away.
  • The right side is eroded away but is thought to be similar to the scene on the right.
  • Such actions, they said, erode the people's trust in justice and fair play.
  • There were many reports of eroded soil in areas where construction was in progress.
  • The area's tax base began to erode, as did city services.
  • This formation is not notably eroded, and contains no other features of interest.
  • The Valley is surrounded by high mountains that are eroding into the valley itself.
  • This further eroded support for the British rule among the Irish people.
  • Parliament's power has often been eroded by its own Acts.
  • Financial needs continued to increase, but the means of meeting them steadily eroded.
  • Because there was no sea defence, in the course of time large pieces of the island were eroded away.
  • These can be eroded during the occurrence of high river flow or sea storm events.
  • Over many years, wind, water and other forces eroded the surrounding blanket of rock.
  • Steps must now be taken to ensure that much more of the parish does not erode later on.
  • He then spent two centuries under a mountain of pumice, before it eroded away.
  • At the time it was clear to the team that the coast was rapidly eroding the site.
  • His grave lies at the west end of the north extension and is beginning to erode.
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Meaning of erode

  • verb Become ground down or deteriorate
    Her confidence eroded
  • verb Remove soil or rock
    Rain eroded the terraces