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  • There was no pre-erectus species in southeast Asia after all.
  • Multiple sites in Europe have also shown evidence of use of fire by later versions of H. erectus.
  • The H. erectus species should be fed multiple times throughout the day, rather than less amount of larger meals.
  • This site also shows some of the earliest evidence of carnivory in H. erectus.
  • What is now China was inhabited by Homo erectus more than a million years ago.
  • A subsequent migration within and out of Africa eventually replaced the earlier dispersed H. erectus.
  • This would make the DNA erectus rather than heidelbergensis or other more recent splits.
  • Some of these finds were accompanied by evidence of tool use similar to that of Homo erectus.
  • It has been proposed that humans have used fire to prepare and cook food since the time of Homo erectus.
  • This is considered as one of the oldest European Homo erectus specimen found so far.
  • Evidence for pre-erectus Homo in Asia would be consistent with such a possible origin.
  • The brain later grew in size, and H. erectus eventually developed a more complex stone tool technology called the Acheulean.
  • Not all researchers use this formal name, and instead prefer to call these users early Homo erectus.
  • The team believe that the prints were probably formed by the species Homo erectus.
  • As time goes by, various characters debate the nature of the sims (as erectus is known) and their role in human history.
  • These are proposed as species that may be intermediate between H. erectus and H. heidelbergensis.
  • Tyler's analysis came to the conclusion that it was out of the normal range of H. erectus.
  • This tradition is thought to have been the work of the hominin species named Homo erectus.
  • There is evidence that the Java population of H. erectus lived in an ever-wet forest habitat.
  • The H. erectus is a very common species of the aquarium trade, which also affects the population remaining in the wild.
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