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  • The factory building now provides space for artists and others in the Erector Square complex.
  • Whitehouse continues to use the new-found elements of their third album, Erector.
  • Instead of taking apart devices and building things with erector sets, students now manipulate computer software.
  • Even over 35 years after its release, children still preferred the Erector Set.
  • He originally worked as a printer, later becoming a steel erector.
  • Erector Set Display - A working display of one of the most popular building toys of all time.
  • After this, the drawing may be released to the fabricator and/or erector for use in construction.
  • If he erected the Memorial, he should have been described as "The Erector." Cited from Punch, Vol. 99, September 6, 1890, ed. by Sir Francis Burnand
  • Students can use erector set parts, lego blocks, and additional servos to build custom projects.
  • Erector is described by his on-card biography as being reluctant to destroy things.
  • The advancement of optical erector set perhaps began with educational toys designed for children.
  • Later, as the company grew, the area around the Gilbert factory became known as "ERECTOR SQUARE".
  • In fact, the Village is home to the world's largest Erector Set tower at 52 feet.
  • "Erector" is believed by many to have been the subject of the first national advertising campaign in America for a toy.
  • This arching of the back causes the erector spinae to increase its activity.
  • Erector consists of various metal beams with regular holes for assembly using nuts and bolts.
  • Much of the complex, including the tower, launch stand and erector was demolished in June 1967.
  • Erector quickly became the most popular construction toy in the United States, most likely because it was the only construction set at the time to contain a motor.
  • He began his career as an erector of "Tselintyazhstroy" trust.
  • "Erector" sold millions of sets over the years.
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