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  • Info Erectopus is an allosauroid theropod from the Lower Cretaceous of France.
  • Assuming that Sauvage had used the former as the holotype of Megalosaurus superbus, he therefore created another species: Erectopus sauvagei.
  • In 1923, the material was redescribed by Friedrich von Huene (1875-1969), who argued that it could not be included within the genus Megalosaurus and created for the Pierson theropod a separate genus, naming the species Erectopus superbus.
  • The casts and the incomplete maxilla allowed for a reevaluation of Erectopus by Ronan Allain in 2005, which determined that the correct taxonomic name for the material is E. superbus, as nothing indicated that Sauvage had limited the holotype to the original teeth.
  • Based on the morphology of the distal end of the tibia and the inferred morphology of the astragalus, Allain (2005, p. 83) placed Erectopus superbus within the Allosauroidea (a concept equivalent to Carnosauria, a term some researchers prefer).