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  • T. erectofrons was assigned to Corythosaurus based largely on biometric information.
  • P. erectofrons, named by Parks as a species of Tetragonosaurus, is based on a skull from the Dinosaur Park Formation.
  • He interpreted Procheneosaurus cranibrevis and P. erectofrons as juvenile corythosaurs.
  • The only non-typic specimen of Tetragonosaurus, assigned to T. erectofrons, was found later to be referable to Hypacrosaurus, although the holotype of the species was still found to be assignable to Corythosaurus.
  • Into this genus he placed the type species T. praeceps (based on ROM 3577) and a second species T. erectofrons (based on ROM 3578) for small skulls from the Dinosaur Park Formation, and assigned Matthew's Procheneosaurus skeleton to T. praeceps.