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  • The only two species of this plant described to date are G. penduliflora and G. erectiflora, both common to the Caribbean.
  • It is most similar morphologically to U. erectiflora and U. meyeri.
  • Utricularia erectiflora is a small, probably perennial, carnivorous plant that belongs to the genus Utricularia.
  • P. auratus is closely associated with the giant bromeliad Glomeropitcairnia erectiflora.
  • U. erectiflora grows as a terrestrial plant in wet, sandy savannas, wet grasslands, or marshes.
  • Glomeropitcairnia erectiflora is a species of the genus Glomeropitcairnia.
  • U. meyeri grows as a terrestrial plant in bogs and seasonally flooded swamps and grasslands at altitudes from to around, It was originally described by Robert Knud Friedrich Pilger in 1901 and later reduced to synonymy under U. erectiflora by Peter Taylor in 1967.