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  • P. erecta is native to California and only found in western North America.
  • The largest leaf in a B. erecta plant is long and wide.
  • Most species of the B. erecta grow tall and across.
  • B. erecta has multiple flowers on one branch.
  • Boerhavia erecta is used in production of medicine as well as food.
  • This condition is also called luxatio erecta because the arm appears to be permanently held upward or behind the head.
  • The type species has since been designated as Cryptostylis erecta.
  • Cryptostylis erecta occurs mostly in coastal districts, although it is also found in the Upper Blue Mountains.
  • Boerhavia erecta is an extraordinary species of plant that is useful and unique through its physical characteristics and genetic composition.
  • Some species are called tormentils, though this is often used specifically for common tormentil (P. erecta).
  • Adults fly deep within bushes to reach nectiferous flowers, particularly those of Duranta erecta.
  • It contains only one known species, Cionura erecta.
  • Cryptostylis erecta has been successfully grown by orchid enthusiasts, but is slow growing.
  • Commelina erecta is native to much of the world, including the Americas, Africa and western Asia.
  • Up to 1995, all populations found of L. erecta were between altitude.
  • Torreyochloa erecta is a species of grass known by the common name spiked false mannagrass.
  • B. erecta has the ability to grow in many different environments such as bushland, on waste ground, agricultural sides and by roadsides.
  • Erecta Von Hamburger, the professor's daughter, also contacts the player, but she is mainly concerned with the rescue of her father.
  • After a thorough investigation, they realized that it was Boerhavia erecta, a plant species that is native in the New World.
  • They fly at dusk and are attracted to the flowers of Duranta erecta.
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