erect shrub

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  • It grows as an erect shrub, usually less than m in height.
  • It is an erect shrub usually to high, with multiple shoots coming from below ground.
  • They are small trees or erect shrubs from wet forests of tropical West Africa.
  • The species grows as a small erect shrub, tall and across.
  • This is a spreading or erect shrub reaching a maximum height between one and two meters.
  • This is an erect shrub reaching over two meters in height and known to exceed four meters.
  • This is a short erect shrub which may exceed one meter in height.
  • In general, this plant is an erect shrub growing to in height and width, generally remaining smaller in cold climates.
  • The plant is an evergreen, erect shrub, growing to tall and wide.
  • They are upright to erect shrubs growing one half to 2 meters tall.
  • The species is an erect shrub, growing up to 3 metres in height.
  • Such plants usually grow into fairly erect shrubs; and sometimes the main stem thickens to become a trunk, resulting in a small tree.
  • A very handsome erect shrub, which is extensively grown in tropical gardens. Cited from The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers, by Sutton and Sons
  • This plant is a small, erect shrub growing up to 36 centimeters in maximum height.
  • It is an erect shrub that produces yellow flowers with four petals.
  • Arctostaphylos rainbowensis is an erect shrub reaching a bush-like to a tree-like in height.
  • Vitex negundo is an erect shrub or small tree growing from in height.
  • This is a tall, erect shrub which may approach 5 meters in height.
  • It grows as a spreading or erect shrub up to fifty centimetres high.
  • The species included are mostly erect shrubs with large conspicuous yellow flowers heads, easily detached follicles and a notched seed wing.
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